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Nordman, originally located northwest of its current location, was named after John Nordman, a Norwegian who was a highly respected benefactor of the tiny community established in the Nordman area. It encompassed the Nordman Cash Store and outlying homesteads. 


When the Road was moved to where Highway 57 is now, the owners traded 132 acres of land to the Forest Service for seven acres of highway frontage. The owners, Leo and Dorothy Bruno and Don and Olive Bruno started building the Nordman Store in 1947. An open house was help on May 28, 1949 to celebrate the opening of the store, with a guest book signed by those who came. The local Boy Scout troop planted the trees in front of the building.


The Nordman Store became the gathering place for social events, Thanksgiving, and community meetings. There were approx. 15 families in the area year around, adn a pet deer lived at the store. The original Nordman School was located northwest of Nordman and had 13 children, 5  from the Petit family and 3 from the Brunos. The descendants of the family still live in the area. 


Nordman Post Office is now located in the Nordman Store. In 1917, it was orinally located in a cabin one mile north of the store and was run by Barbara Seymore. After moving to a few different locations, the Post Office was moved into the Nordman Store. Its most recent long-term Postmaster, Claude Cary, retired in 1999 after 23 years of service. The Nordman Store had a soda fountain, bar and store. It sold fuel and offered camping. 


The Votava family purchased Nordman in 1992.

Randy and his wife Lisa expanded the store and entended the north end of the building,

now the Nickleplate Restaurant.


Keeping with tradition, Randy built all the additions by hand, matching the craftsmanship of a byone era. 

Continuing the family tradition, Ben and Brittney Votava took over as owners of Nordman in the spring of 2016. Ben grew up in Nordman. He is Randy and Lisa's son. Ben is excited to share the Priest Lake experience with his wife and two daughters. 

Ben and Brittney continue to offer a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. 


"Nordman is a great place to escape the busy city and enjoy the quiet area. We love camping in the RV Park and eating the awesome food at Nickleplate! The natural peace and beauty are what draws us to Nordman and we love to go back every year!"

-Debby N.

"We love coming to Nordman as a quiet getaway where our kids have plenty to do and we LOVE that it is a pet friendly atmosphere!" -Heather

"Nordman is a great place to visit! The proximity to the lake is what makes this camp ground perfect for the winter or summer getaway!" -Brenda B.

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